by Bhavi Mandalia


August 24, 2020



Cancer is a disease for which the search for treatment is still going on. Scientists now have the hope of curing cancer from a 188-year-old turtle. Scientists are studying a turtle named Jonathan, which is the oldest living animal on land. The special thing is that Jonathan’s health is getting better with age, due to which the interest of scientists has increased. John, living on Britain’s St Helena island in the South Atlantic Ocean, is older than London’s famous clock tower Big Ben and Paris’s Eiffel Tower. (Photo: Guinness Book of World Records)


Hope to end cancer

When he was brought to this island in 1882, he was 50 years old and had grown up completely. Scientists want to find out the secret of its longevity so that it can find out the reason of mutation in the cells of humans. Due to mutations, the cells grow, causing cancerous disease. If they come to know about it, cancer can be eradicated.


Study of DNA sample


Dr. Joe Hallins, John’s doctor, says that such research has come to the fore that indicates that giant turtles do not grow like humans. On this basis, a DNA sample from John is being sent to the University of America to study the increased age.


Jonathan is getting better than before.  The special thing is that Jonathan’s health is getting better with age, his mouth has started getting peaked like before, that is, now he can feed himself. His mouth has special parts to bite, which he could only graze when he was strong.



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