By J Brock (FINN)




Following an early 2019 decision by the Board of Fortuna Ltd, approval for the construction of a new trawler to join their current fleet of five trawlers was granted.


The vessel will be owned and operated by Fortuna Joint Venture Company – “Petrel Fishing Company Ltd”. The vessel will be registered in the Falkland Islands and has been named “F/V Falcon”.


Construction of the vessel commenced in late February 2019 at the Nodosa Shipyard in Vigo, Spain.; and the vessel was first launched into the water On Wednesday 26th August 2020. It will now undergo further completion works, leading up to sea trials later in the year.


In parallel to the vessel construction works, the companies HR team are busy recruiting people to crew this new vessel.


It remains the intention to have the vessel join the Falklands fleet for the first Loligo season, commencing February 2021.


As described previously, the vessel has been constructed to high modern standards, taking into account respect for the environment, product quality and crew safety, comfort and resting time.


The vessel will be the first of a phased update of the Fortuna fleet over the coming years.


Fortuna Ltd would like to thank again the Falkland Islands Department of Natural Resources, Pinsent Masons LLP and the Registrar of Ships for their assistance to date and ongoing help with this project.

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