SA Agulhas II Exchanges Passengers at Tristan, 13th August 2021


Report and photo from Administrator Fiona Kilpatrick



Dr Alex Wonner helps medevacs onto the SA Agulhas II’s helicopter. The ship can be seen in the background on the right.


With the baiting stage of the Gough Restoration Programme having been completed at the beginning of August, the SA Agulhas II sailed from Cape Town on the 5th August 2021 to pick up the baiting team and take them back to Cape Town. She arrived at Gough Island on the 11th August and once back-loading had been completed, departed on the 12th August.


She first called at Tristan da Cunha on the 13th August. Operating in steady drenching rain, a helicopter dropped off islanders James Glass, Rodney Green and Matthew Green, who had been observing the baiting operation. They had sailed out to Gough on the yacht SV Urchin in February this year, so it is good to see them back home. The ship also brought parts for the hospital’s X-ray machine and some new radio repeaters, which are badly needed.


The helicopter ferried a couple of islanders back to the ship, to be taken to Cape Town for medical treatment. The Agulhas II then continued on its voyage. The outbound passengers are: Iris & Martin Green, and Margaret & Beverly Repetto.