New X-Ray Set-up at the Hospital

Submitted by J Brock (FINN)

Report from Dr Alex Wonner. Photo from Vera Glass



Nicky Swain and Leo Glass from the IT department setting up the new DR x-ray reader for Camogli Healthcare Centre.


The Camogli Healthcare Centre has recently endured a period without a functioning digital radiography (DR) panel, but a new DR panel from Vieworks was brought to Tristan by the SA Agulhas II during the short visit on the 13th August 2021.


The hospital is very thankful to finally have the new DR panel up and running. It is a very good quality imaging system and we hope it will last as long or even longer than the previous one. The X-ray images are definitely much sharper and the processing is instant, done directly on the panel. With the previous system, we had first to put the plate into a developer.


The old equipment did however give us good service for over ten years. The hospital will therefore try to fix the software of the previous machine and keep it as a spare, if it is possible and not too expensive. Being so remote, it is difficult to be without essential tools.