Green Light for New Falkland Islands Port


By J Brock (FINN)


Despite grumbles from Argentina, on Friday 10 September 2021, the port project received ExCo approval to proceed to Stage One B, Detailed Design, which will take place over the next 13 months.  Beginning in July 2020, Stage 1 involved an extensive series of stakeholder workshops, surveys, demand studies and environmental assessments in order to produce the initial Concept Design for the new facility.


A Government press release stated that Stage One B will involve further stakeholder engagement, surveys, and assessments, to progress the Concept Design to Detailed Design, together with initiating the stockpiling and production of quarry materials.


According to the press release, at the end of the Stage One B process, the final plans for construction will be presented to the next Legislative Assembly in 2022. As identified in the 2017 update to the Falkland Islands Economic Development Strategy, the port is an essential enabler for the Falkland Islands economy, and the new port will support future growth across all business sectors, including fishing, tourism, transportation, science and research, and marine industries. The construction of the port will also offer many opportunities for Falkland Islands businesses, including haulage and logistical support.


Being FIG’s overarching capital programme, the new port project covers a range of initiatives including the development of a power station and government housing, investment in new sporting facilities and education, as well the government estate, the 1,000km road network and the extensive system of ramps and jetties throughout the Islands that form part of the national transport infrastructure.