Submitted by J Brock (FINN)


John Birmingham – Camp Constituency


After the constituency referendum, a renumeration panel was formed to consider ways to encourage people from camp to stand for election. All the recommendations made were rejected. As one of that group, I believe there needs to be change and would like to be part of effecting it.


Foreign Affairs


The importance of maintaining good relations with those who are supportive of our right to self-determination should not be underestimated or taken for granted. We need to grow our support base, especially in Great Britain.


Camp Infrastructure


I support maintenance and improvement of the road system throughout the Islands. The outer islands should also be assisted with relevant, important infrastructure projects. Camp




The camp community deserves the best possible telecommunications that can be provided. The current contractor has a duty to provide that service; FIG’s responsibility is to make sure it happens. The same applies to radio.




The meat company has experienced a difficult time. I would be supportive, taking a keen interest. I’m concerned that some are considering stopping beef production. It needs more political direction and a proper plan. The wool warehouse is finally being built. Future expansion can be done more economically. There needs to be more openness about problems and future plans.




Many in camp have invested in more modern renewable energy sources. FIG should be leading on this, not ignoring it.




It is a lifeline to many and I support the continued upgrading of the service.




FIG needs to work closely with the offshore fishing industry. I will not support any introduction of industrial onshore or offshore salmon farming.




Recruitment and retention of staff seems to be a costly problem. Space is still an issue at FICS. Finish the project. Is camp education getting enough resources?


Medical Services


Covid has shown us how much we should value our medical services. I fully support this vital section. The present work being carried out on KEMH is just a sticking plaster on a tired, old building. I want to see greater urgency in provisions for older people. Tussac House should be completed. One mark of a country’s standing is how it looks after its vulnerable people.




The basic state pension for a single person is about £700 a month. This is far less than the minimum wage. We have an ageing population. It’s time to take this situation seriously. This is not just about the current pensioners; it will affect future generations.


Port Project


This capital project worries me. If we get this wrong our grandchildren’s children will be paying for it. Why is there so very little public information about the financing? And why so little, if any, local expertise involved? This has to change. The administration seems to have grown both in numbers and power. It’s time for your elected representatives to regain control.


I want to hear, represent and action your views. Please contact me: 21443 / 52834 Facebook message