Submitted by J Brock (FINN)


Manifesto of Barbara J Besley-Clark


There are local qualified personnel working along side non residents, but getting less pay, THE SYSTEM IS DISCRIMINATORY


I often wonder if our own people are being treated like second class citizens?


  1. Senior Citizens, the cost of living index this year did not award any increments despite Electricity, Rates, Fuel and Bank Charges have all increased along with the cost of Food. It is time we had an MLA with a portfolio for Senior Citizens.


  1. The allocations of building plots appears unbalanced, surely this needs to be prioritised for first time buyers.


  1. FIMCO – Appears to be a rudderless ship. Shouldn’t we have a team looking for new markets for these quality products?


  1. We spend thousands of pounds each year sending our students away to college, University and some who wish to train in their chosen career. Whilst we hope they will return along with their skills. Yet we are not as welcoming, as we should be or could be, perhaps a change in attitude of Directors and Human Resources.


  1. I feel after researching the salmon farming issue, this would be detrimental to our environment we are after all caretakers of these island and the surrounding waters for our future generations. Regarding our other environmental issues we need a clear road map with a set timeline for achieving them, not just lip service. More wind farms, solar power farms. It is time we stopped pumping raw sewage into the harbour.


  1. Telecommunications — We should be looking to improve and reduce the cost, so by bringing in Starlink it would assist EVERYONE in the Island.


  1. Finance— There needs to be more transparency in the way in which the Government deals with all projected expenditure. I understand that large projects are expensive, but we cannot keep on borrowing and dipping into our reserves we should live within our means.


I am aware that expectation are high, It is time that FIG came into the twenty first century by accepting card transactions. The current bank is not fit for purpose. I am aware there are many more subjects that need to be discussed, but you will all get fed up reading reams of all the candidates manifest, so I have tried to keep it as concise as possible.


1 The only promise I can make to you all that I will be honest, willing to fight for the right for justice for everyone. And willing to listen to your concerns and help where ever possible. If elected i will work hard to achieve what is good for our country and our people. I will be just one voice but I will be heard. Oh by the way I am much younger than Joe Biden.