Submitted by J Brock (FINN)

Next phase of the KEMH vaccination programme

27 October 2021

KEMH is pleased to inform the public of the next stage in the Covid-19 vaccination programme. A third primary dose, this time of the Moderna vaccine, is being offered to people most at risk, such as those who have had organ transplants or who are on certain types of high dose immunosuppressant drugs. These people will be contacted by KEMH if they are eligible for this phase of the programme.


A booster, which is a half dose of the Moderna vaccine, will be offered to the following groups:


All people aged 50+ who received a second dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine before the end of April

Those who were identified in the first vaccination round as being in at-risk occupations who received a second dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine before the end of April


As with the previous programmes, it would be appreciated if East Falklands Camp residents, or any West Falkland or Outer Island residents who may be in town, make their way into Stanley for their vaccinations; they can join any of the sessions below but it would be helpful if they are able to attend with their corresponding age group.  Community Support Team clients have been sent a letter confirming the details of their vaccinations which will take place during home visits on 1 November. A travelling vaccination programme will deliver the booster or third primary dose to those eligible on the West and Outer Islands and this is likely to take place in the week commencing 15 November.


KEMH is pleased to inform families that the Moderna vaccine will also be rolled out to children aged 12-17. Parental consent will be required for those aged 12-15 to receive a single dose in December at FICS. Those aged 16-17 can give their own consent for a course of two doses in early November and mid-December.


Monday 1 November Community Support Team clients (home visits)


Tuesday 2 November at the FIDF Club

9 – 9.45am                  Critical risk patients and those on high dose immunosuppressant drugs

10 – 10.30am              People aged 80+

10.30am – 12pm         People aged 70-79

1pm – 2.30pm             People aged 65-69

3pm – 4pm                  People aged 18+ who have not yet received their first dose or are due their second dose (i.e. who are between four and twelve weeks past their first dose).


Wednesday 3 November at the FIDF Club

9am – 12pm and 1 – 4pm       People who were fully vaccinated before the end of April, due to their identified at-risk occupation (health staff, police, FIGAS pilots, etc.)


Friday 5 November

Time TBC                     16 – 17 year olds (attending school) primary dose

3pm at KEMH              16 – 17 year olds (not attending school) primary dose


Tuesday 9 November at the FIDF Club

9am – 12pm                People aged 60-64

1pm – 4pm                  People aged 56-59


Wednesday 10 November at the FIDF Club

9am – 12pm                People aged 53-55

1pm – 4pm                  People aged 50-52


As before, we will ask all patients to wait 15 minutes after their vaccination for observation. Eligible individuals who received their second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine after the end of April 2021 will be offered their booster in due course.