24 November 2021

Bright Beginnings Nursery announcement


In June, it was announced that Bright Beginnings nursery had become the first childcare business to open in the Falkland Islands to receive financial support from the Falkland Islands Government’s £1 million capital development grant. The aim of this scheme was to assist local providers to take advantage of opportunities to grow and sustain their businesses, by reducing financial barriers to development and expansion.


However, the government was subsequently made aware that a significant portion of the loan funds paid to Bright Beginnings Nursery, to pay for building construction works by the Falkland Islands Company (FIC), had in fact not been used by the nursery to pay for these works, as had been agreed within the terms of the loan. On being made aware of the issue, the Falkland Islands Government (together with FIDC – the Falkland Islands Development Corporation), sought to work with the proprietor to understand what happened to the funds which were provided for the construction, and why insufficient money remained to pay the building contractor.


The Falkland Islands Government notes the subsequent intention of the proprietor of Bright Beginnings Nursery to seek to enter into a voluntary liquidation process, which would ultimately see the nursery building pass to the government. To ensure that vital local childcare provision can continue uninterrupted, the government has been in discussions with FIC to agree the next steps in terms of delivering nursery services from this site, either in partnership with FIC, or with an alternative provider. More information on these next steps will be provided to local service users shortly.