By J Brock (FINN)



Lady and Ladykillers take a bow at Saturday night’s performance. Photo © RMB

Thanks to the sterling efforts of all at FIODA, the Ladykillers have made an eventful entrance and exit from the Stanley stage.  Starred by Nancy Locke and Stuart Walker as Louisa Wilberforce and Professor Marcus respectively, the play by William Rose came alive as a quartet consisting of David Jeffrey, (Major Courtney) Simon Gilbert, (Harry Robinson) Tim Mean (One Round Lawson), and Elliot Vincent (Louis Harvey) began practicing Boccherini’s String Quartet- the Minuet or, one would think.


After a robbery of a security van at King’s Cross Station, the quartet returned to tea and some lovely ladies played by Andrea Stanworth, Ana Crowie, Lou Ellis, Kathie Daniels, and Alison Ingles.  The actors were frightened, embarrassed, and annoyed by the utterances of General Gordon, the cockatoo, played by Richard Bullivant.


After planning Mrs. Wilberforce’s murder the unfortunate end of the quartet and the founding professor brought on by the regular express from Kings Cross caused excitement in the audience as well as on stage, especially when Professor Marcus forgot to shorten his rather lengthy College scarf with predictable consequences.


And, Mrs. Wilberforce – the lady who housed the gang and allowed them to “practice,” She would up with the loot.


Many thanks to the technical crew: Chris Locke for the lighting, Nick Roberts for sound, John Whitby for the set, Emma Fulton for stage management, Hellen Jeffrey, prompt, Pam Lewis, props and front of the house, Ruth Taylor and Theresa Lang for props and costumes, Dave and Jason Lewis for front of the house.


Special thanks go to the Print Shop for programs, posters, and tickets, the Pod Gift Shop for Ticket sales, Shirley Adams Leach for Musical props, Steve Pointing for bringing costumes from England, Stanley Growers for the greenery, Warrah Workshop for embroidered clothing, and Falkland Farmers for paint supplies.


What an entertaining and fun evening!