13 December 2021


Update on resumption of passenger flights


As part of the regular review process concerning Covid-19 measures affecting the Falkland Islands, the government is in regular dialogue with LATAM concerning the resumption of flights with South America, namely with Chile and Brazil.


Decisions around flight resumptions include consideration of a wide range of topics, such as quarantine requirements, the emergence of new variants of the disease, Covid-19 related border policies, status of international airports, progress with global vaccination programmes and minimum timeframes required for the successful remobilisation of flights.


The Falkland Islands Government remains committed to resuming both routes to Chile and Brazil. It is our intention to work towards the re-opening of one or both routes as early as possible in the second quarter of next year. Once a final decision is made to reestablish flights, a minimum of three months is required by LATAM to prepare for the resumption of services. Discussions will proceed with this aim in mind and regular reviews will be taking place over the next few weeks and months.


We are keen to see the links between the Falkland Islands and South America reopen as soon as possible, and will keep the public regularly updated on the progress we make in this regard.