Agreement made on new fuel supply link


The Falkland Islands Government (FIG) is pleased to confirm the establishment of a new 10-year fuel supply agreement with Stanley Services Limited (SSL) from 2023. This agreement will allow for the continued supply of fuel and other services to the Islands from a local company, which provides an end-to-end service across the full supply chain, from wholesale purchasing through to the delivery of all marine and domestic fuel types for customers.       


Chief Executive, Andy Keeling, said: “It is both sensible and pragmatic to make this new agreement with Stanley Services Limited, given their ensuring commitment to the Islands and our long working relationship with one another. This agreement will ensure that the Falkland Islands has greater protection against the risks associated with supply issues, which may have arisen had we decided to make an agreement with a new party. The entire team at SSL should be congratulated on their continued hard work and developments they have undertaken to improve the lives of Falkland Islanders.”


MLA Roger Spink, Chairman of Stanley Services Limited, added: “This announcement comes as great news both for the company and for the local population. It is important that, where possible, we continue to invest in local companies and provide further opportunities for growth. SSL have proven that, even in the most difficult of times, that they can continue to provide a vital fuel line, alongside retail and accommodation services for our community, as well as support for visiting vessels.”


Tom Swales, Managing Director of SSL noted that: “The company is delighted that an agreement for us to supply fuels to the Islands for a further 10 years has been agreed with FIG. It is a privilege which comes with a great deal of responsibility and we welcome the opportunity to continue to serve the Falkland Islands as we have over the past 35 years”.