Continued safe fisheries operations for 2022 season


Following the successful fishing season in 2021, the Falkland Islands Government would like to reassure the public that in preparation for the 2022 season, the fishing industry continue to implement robust Covid-19 protocols across the fishing fleet. This not only ensures that they can operate safely but that they can meet the necessary public health requirements for entry into the Falkland Islands.

Each company has its own set of policies to mitigate the risks presented by the pandemic, including pre-departure quarantine measures followed by testing, regular onboard testing and temperature checking during transit and use of PPE as required.


Prior to entering Falkland Island territorial waters each vessel is required to make a formal medical declaration that they are ‘clean’. The definition of a ‘clean’ vessel means that they must meet the following conditions:


Spent a minimum of 10 days quarantining at sea

Do not have any crew members demonstrating symptoms

Do not have any known cases of Covid-19 on board


The Falkland Islands has a duty to continue to work with industry to enhance the safety culture and standards across the fisheries. In the same manner as the 2021 fishing season, safety training on foreign flagged fishing vessels is carried out in a number of formats, including onshore in Stanley.


This is a vital activity, ensuring high standards of crew safety and welfare on board these vessels. Where training sessions are provided in Stanley, crew will be conveyed directly from their vessel to the Town Hall and then back again. They will also be temperature tested prior to departing the vessel and will all wear masks throughout the entire process.


License briefings and vessel inspections will take place in the normal manner but, where requested, briefings will be delivered remotely.