Report on Executive Council

18 January 2022


A meeting of Executive Council was held on 18th January 2022.  MLAs Pollard, Roberts and Hansen attended.


The first paper discussed regarded the award of a contract for the provision of a fishery patrol service. This paper is not for publication due to it being commercially sensitive, containing information about contracts and financial or business affairs. It should see a much-enhanced fishery patrol service. ExCo approved the recommended service provider and associated budget, subject to some further checks. More information will be provided following completion of checks and once the contract is in place.


The Clerk of Council’s report came next which is one we receive quarterly and outlines the committees that have met in that period, the minutes that have been published and delegated decisions that have been made under the “too unimportant for Executive Council” remit. This report was noted and will be publicly available.


We then discussed and approved the annual financial statements and the audit completion report for year ended 30th June 2021. Executive Council thanked the Financial Secretary and his team for the work and noted the positive audit report. This will be laid on the table at the February meeting of the Legislative Assembly.


The Falkland Islands Tourist Board audited financial statements and annual report for the year ended 30th June 2021 were noted next. The successful audit was noted and the report will also be tabled at the February meeting of Legislative Assembly.


A proposal for new commercial energy and energy efficient grant schemes as well as an amendment to the small business support grant scheme followed. The recommendations were approved and recognised to be a move in the right direction, although members felt that we will need to carry out some more work around future provision of energy grants. This is a public paper.


Next up was a paper on the Falkland Islands Development Corporations loan policy financial thresholds. Another public paper that increases the financial threshold for FIDC board approval of secured loans be increased from £100,000 to £150,000. It is felt that this would speed up the process of awarding some loans.


A paper was then considered whether to approve the sale of or an increase in lease for crown land. This is not a public paper due to it containing information about relevant contract and negotiations.


Finally, was a review of the visitor policy. This policy has been one of the key policies in keeping COVID-19 at bay. This was the 11th review since its introduction in 2020. It approved “That visitors with no connection to the Falkland Islands (tourists) arriving by air will remain restricted until mandatory quarantine on arrival for all visitors is removed.” As well as “that tourist visitors arriving by sea on large cruise ships (over 530 passengers) will be permitted for the austral summer 2022-2023 (as long as mandatory quarantine on arrival for visitors is removed and subject to further conditions as determined by FIG).” This is a public paper.


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