St Helena Authorities have received a request from fishing vessel Cuple for medical assistance for an injured crew member. This is not COVID-19 related and there is no indication of COVID-19 or any symptoms amongst crew members on board the vessel.


The vessel does not have appropriate medical facilities on-board and, as per the Island’s SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) obligations, St Helena will assist as the nearest port of call.


The vessel is expected to arrive at St Helena at 6am tomorrow, Saturday 29 January 2022, and pending sea conditions, the vessel will berth alongside Ruperts Jetty, where it will be boarded by relevant personnel.


The public is therefore advised that the whole of Lower Ruperts, including the Jetty and beach area, will be closed to the public until the vessel has departed.


All COVID-19 protocols and procedures, as per the Island’s Standard Operating Procedures for arriving vessels, will be strictly adhered to and all crew members will undertake a PCR test on arrival.


The patient’s condition will be assessed by medical staff and a decision taken on whether they can receive medical treatment on board the vessel or whether they will need to come ashore for further medical assistance and evacuation. If the patient needs to come ashore they will only be treated at the General Hospital if test results from all crew members are negative. If there is a positive test result from any crew member, the patient will be treated at Bradley’s Hospital under quarantine conditions.


The Cuple will continue on its journey following the medical assessment and advice from Health officials. 


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SHG, 28 January 2022