Over the last few weeks it has been identified by the contractor responsible for maintenance of the Castle Gardens that a number of offences had occurred in the Gardens, including hose pipe damages, resulting in the area being flooded, and bins tipped over with rubbish, consisting of alcohol bottles and food containers, thrown across the Garden area.


It is noted that youths and juveniles congregate in the Castle Gardens and on the Terrace area on Friday and Saturday evenings. Frequently, very loud music is being played in the Gardens which disrupts the residents there. Similarly, the Police Service has received reports in the past of bottles and debris being thrown into Jamestown Swimming Pool from the Terrace. Recently, this has resulted in a child suffering due to glass being broken in the Swimming Pool terrace area through bottles having been discarded there the night before. Glass and debris thrown into the Swimming Pool area results in the closure of the Pool for cleaning and deprives the community of a popular attraction.


These actions are very disappointing as the Castle Gardens is a place for the public to enjoy and appreciate the serenity its space and amenity provides and for its residents to feel comfortable where they live. However, too often and especially on weekends, it is being observed by the Police Service, who continuously patrol the Castle Gardens, and the public that it is used as a socialising spot where alcohol is being consumed and which is possibly contributing to the committing of offences.


St Helena Government (SHG) has made many efforts to keep the Castle Gardens as a serene environment for all to enjoy, which includes maintaining the Gardens and adding extra lighting. Having to clean up and repair damages to the Gardens and its infrastructure comes with considerable effort and additional cost each year which is disheartening for the Castle Gardens contractor, SHG, residents and other users of the Gardens.


The Police Service and the Environment, Natural Resources & Planning Portfolio, who continue to provide services to ensure access and upkeep of the Gardens for all to enjoy, therefore urges all users of the Gardens to respect the opportunity the area provides as a small but important green space in the setting of Jamestown and stop to think about the impact their acts of vandalism has on the rest of the community.


Committing vandalism offences has consequences and if caught and convicted a person could be subjected to penalties under St Helena’s laws.


The St Helena Police Service are constantly looking for ways to mitigate the issues that have been occurring in the Castle Gardens and as a result have increased their patrols in the area. Any information that the public can provide to help to tackle this ongoing concern of vandalism in the Gardens is appreciated and will be taken into consideration as part of Police investigations.


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27 January 2022