16 March 2022

ExCo reviews the port development planning application


Following a review of the Planning and Building Committee’s recommendation to refuse the Port Planning Application, and taking into consideration the Planning Officer’s original recommendation to approve the application, as well as other information provided, Executive Council approved the port development planning application on Tuesday 15 March.


ExCo approved the decommissioning proposal for FIPASS as part of the application, however, also noted that further work is being continued to assess other potential options for decommissioning. ExCo also noted that the detailed design for the scheme is still to be finalised and that there is ongoing stakeholder engagement as part of this process.


Portfolio holder for Commercial Services, MLA Mark Pollard said: “I am pleased that the port development planning application has been approved. As a government we have worked hard to ensure that we have the best development prepared to meet our needs as a growing population and economy. FIPASS has served our Islands incredibly well but it is now reaching the end of its operational life. We have a pressing need to build a new port that will support the future growth of our economy.”


“As a government we have engaged with key stakeholders and the community since BAM Nuttall were awarded their contract. They first came to the Falkland Islands in September 2020 to carry out one of the most extensive consultation processes FIG has ever undertaken. As this development progresses, we will ensure that the public and stakeholders are kept up to date. The most recent public and stakeholder consultation has given further useful input on certain aspects of the scheme that will be reviewed and considered as we finalise the detailed design, ready for BAM Nuttall to propose a final price and programme for construction later this year. We recognise that there will inevitably be elements of the scheme that not everyone is happy with, however we are committed as ever to make best use of public funds, and to design a port that can support the current and future economic needs of the Falkland Islands. We are committed to continued stakeholder engagement as the project continues to progress.


“I also want to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Planning and Building Committee. The Falkland Islands Government owes the Committee members a huge debt of gratitude and thanks for their considerable time and effort. While ExCo decided to approve the Planning Application in line with the Planning Officer’s original recommendation I’d like to thank the Committee members for giving up their time not only during the meeting but also for attending site visits and pre-committee briefings, and for reading the large volume of documents included in the application.”


For more information on the port development please visit https://www.falklands.gov.fk/commercialservices/capital-projects/new-port-development