Report on Executive Council

26 April 2022


EXCO members, MLA Hansen, MLA Spink, and MLA Pollard (standing in for MLA Roberts) were in attendance to discuss the following papers.


The Director of Education attended to discuss two papers, the first being Modifications to Childcare subsidies. This report was accepted, as was the next proposal to increase a slight Capital Grant Scheme Funding and property transaction.


Minutes of the previous meetings 15th, 24th  and 29th were confirmed and accepted.


Executive Council Action Tracker and the Forward plan were then noted.


A verbal update from the acting CE on FIG Internal audit was presented.


The Media Trust accounts were approved and noted.


An FIDC loan to a business was also agreed.


Supporting a loan facility to the FIMNT was agreed.


Purchase of new engines for the next phase of power was discussed, and subject to detail will be approved.


Improvement in Waste management has been around for some time now, and members continue to support this facility.


Principal Complaints Commissioners annual report was noted


Implementation of Education Ordinance 2022 was agreed, as was Live link proceedings and Indemnity for Medical Professionals


Mineral Regulation of Gold and Similar Mineral Prospecting was discussed and accepted the recommendations.


An immigration review was heard and the PIO,s recommendation was upheld.


Finally, the proposed Annual delivery plan for the Royal Falklands  Police was presented and accepted


MLA Ian Hansen

05 May 2022