28 April 2022

Road Safety Campaign: 30 April – 7 May 2022


The Royal Falkland Islands Police is running a road safety campaign across the Falkland Islands for one week, in order to help everyone in our community to understand the potential dangers and to raise awareness of the best ways in which we can all help to keep one another safe on our roads.


The campaign is being run in direct response to concerns raised by members of the public, including reports of speeding vehicles, dangerous driving and the use of defective vehicles. Equally, these issues were also raised in the last Falkland Islands Public Perception survey, where the findings demonstrated that one of the biggest worries within the community is repeated traffic violations.


Specifically, the 2019 survey identified the following key areas of concern:


Vehicle speeding recognised as a serious (31%) or moderate (24%) problem


Drink driving recognised as a moderate (18%) or serious (13%) problem


Traffic offences, such as illegal parking, recognised as a moderate (16%) or serious (13% problem)

In order to address these issues, the Royal Falkland Islands Police will be providing regular traffic patrols and a visible presence between 30 April and 7 May 2022, on roads in and around Stanley, in order to help raise awareness, and provide advice and education.


Road safety is everybody’s business and, having been flagged as a community concern in more than one area, the police would like to assure the public that these issues have been noted and action will be taken to help avoid any serious incidents, and to make our streets safer.


There is another Public Perception Survey planned for July, so please keep an eye out for details and make sure that you have your say. The Royal Falkland Islands Police wants to hear from everyone in the community, so that they can identify the priorities that the public want to see addressed.


For more information, or to ask any questions, please contact RFIP on 28100.