New Coastal Safety Devices Installed on Ascension Island


20 April 2022



Lifesaving Buoys deployed on all Ascension’s beaches


As part of the ongoing development of the Sea and Land Rescue services, assessments have been taking place as to how to improve the life saving devices available around the island’s coast.


New lifesaving rescue buoys are therefore being deployed at all the island’s main beaches. The new buoys are much easier to handle than the traditional life ring devices they are replacing, but will still give enough buoyancy for up to three people to use at once. To see the buoys and learn more about them members of the public can visit the Sea and Land Rescue Facebook page.


In the run up to the Easter weekend, the public are reminded to take care when enjoying nature-based activities. Everyone is encouraged to be mindful of sea conditions when fishing from the rocks, not to go fishing alone, to take a VHF radio with them if possible, to inform others of where they are going and what time they are expected back, and to take adequate food and water with them for their trip.


In an emergency, members of the public should call 999 from their telephone or use Channel 16 on their VHF radio.


More advice for staying safe both on the sea and on land can be found on the Sea and Land Rescue Facebook page. The Sea and Land Rescue Facebook page can be viewed irrespective of if you have a Facebook account at