Advice on returning to work following COVID-19


Many people in our community will be experiencing the effects of COVID-19. Returning to work will happen at different times for everyone, the KEMH would like to provide further advice on how you can return safely.


Some people feel completely well after 5 days but still test positive on a Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test, the majority of people are not infectious by day 6. If you feel completely well and:

Feel physically well and able to work


Have been at least 24 hours fever free


You are at least 5 days past the likely infection point (the day your symptoms started or the day you tested positive)


Then you can leave your home and return to your normal routine. You should discuss with your employer what is required from them before you return to work. It is suggested that you follow the public health guidance if you can:


Wear a well-fitting face covering made with multiple layers, or a surgical face mask


Avoid close contact with anyone you know who is at higher risk of becoming severely unwell, especially those with a severely weakened immune system


Avoid large social gatherings and events, or anywhere poorly ventilated, crowded, or enclosed

Limit close contact with other people outside your household as much as possible


Be careful with your hand and respiratory hygiene


Others experience COVID-19 very differently and continue to feel unwell, with high fever, aches, headache, vomiting and diarrhoea even at day 8 or 9. The advice is that if you are feeling unwell then you should stay at home and rest. You should keep in contact with your employer and agree what options are available for you.


Chief Medical Officer, Dr Beccy Edwards said: “The community of the Falklands have responded brilliantly to having COVID-19 in our community. We are seeing a high number of calls, collection of LFD tests and PCR test requests which enables us to track how far the disease is spreading. I have been very clear in telling people that the information that we issue is guidance and it is down to individuals to make their own choice.”

“I encourage anyone who has COVID-19 to stay at home for at least 5 days. If you feel well enough to return to work on day 6, and your employer is happy for you to do so, then please wear a mask if you can, distance from others where possible, follow good hygiene practices and if you feel unwell take time to stay home and rest.”


If you have a positive LFD test please contact the hospital on 28000 or email