Stanley Goes Platinum in Jubilee City Competition


By J Brock (FINN)


As part of Platinum Jubilee celebration Stanley – capital of the Falkland Islands – has been granted official city status by Her Majesty The Queen.


Stanley in the Falkland Islands has become the first town in a British Overseas Territory to be awarded city status. -File Photo


The May 20th Announcement follows a rigorous and detailed assessment process, presided over by an expert panel, which saw 39 applications put forward for this prestigious award, made even more special given that 2022 celebrates the first British monarch to reach 70 years on the throne, as well as the 40th anniversary of the Falkland Islands Conflict.


“We are utterly thrilled to have been chosen for this very rare award, which is granted by Queen Elizabeth II herself,” said MLA Pete Biggs, Chair of the Legislative Assembly.”


“The Falkland Islands is one of the most remote British Overseas Territories, but our distance only serves to strengthen the feelings of gratitude, love and respect, that we have for Her Majesty The Queen, as a vitally important and iconic figurehead for the UK and the Commonwealth,” he added.


“This celebration of her extraordinary reign comes at a time when we in the Falkland Islands are equally reflecting on an extraordinary time in our own history, as we remember the events of 74 days in 1982 when we were invaded. For our small community it was an unprecedented time, but I am delighted that, 40 years on from those dark days, we are being recognised in this way – I think it goes to show just how far we have come in that time. In the past four decades we have built a thriving, prosperous nation, which continually looks to the future while respecting our past.


“We are also especially delighted, as it is the first time that British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies have been allowed to apply for the title, which is why we jumped at the chance to take part. We have a very strong and long-standing relationship with the Royal family, whose visits have always been very well-received. Each time we have welcomed royalty to our shores, they have made a lasting impression on our home and in our hearts.


“Finally, I would like to express to Her Majesty our sincere and grateful thanks on behalf of all of the people of the Falkland Islands, who remain her loyal subjects. We sincerely hope that the Platinum Jubilee celebrations bring her great joy and happiness – and that she will be able to hear the sounds of our own festivities from 8,000 miles away. God save our gracious Queen!”


Full details of the Falkland Islands submission for the Platinum Jubilee Civic Honours Competition can be found online by visiting: