Falklands War – 40th Anniversary


In 2022, we will be marking the 40th anniversary of our liberation with a year-long programme of commemoration and celebration. We will be reflecting on the brave sacrifices of those who restored our freedom, as well as showcasing the modern Falkland Islands, our achievements since 1982, and our ambitions for the future. The strapline that sums up the spirit of the anniversary is ‘Looking forward at 40’, which sends out the clear message that we are a forward-looking nation, determined to take control of our own destiny and shape our own success.


This programme will be coordinated via the Falkland Islands Government’s Committee for the 40th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Falkland Islands, which meets regularly to review our calendar of events and activities. Speaking of our ambitious plans, Committee Chair Phyl Rendell, stated: “I know how important the 40th anniversary will be for many people, which is why we need to make every effort to ensure that we mark the occasion with due respect, and pay tribute to the courage shown and the sacrifices made back in 1982. As a nation, we have moved forward substantially in the past 40 years and it is right that we celebrate how, in exercising our liberty, we have built a prosperous and peaceful country – one which has not simply survived, but thrived. We want to approach this milestone with optimism for the future. We now have a younger generation, born after 1982, who understand how they have benefited from the bravery of others and will continue to build on that legacy.”


Please check the website regularly to see our list of events, publications and videos which will mark this momentous occasion. We are also helping to promote other opportunities for third parties connected to the anniversary, and more information on this can be found on our opportunities page. You can also visit the pages of our London Office to find out what activities are planned across the UK to mark 2022: 40th anniversary in the UK


If you’re interested in using our specially-commissioned 40th anniversary logo – available in colour and black and white – please visit our licensing page.


We also appreciate that anniversaries of traumatic times can trigger feelings of anxiety, sadness and difficult thoughts. If you need support with your mental health, please visit our emotional wellbeing page.