The Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle MP Speaker of the House of Commons Accompanied by Chief of Staff, Helen Wood Deputy Chief of Staff, David Clark The Rt Hon Amanda Milling MP Accompanied by Private Secretary Madeline Roper Falkland Islands 26 May – 31 May 2022




Wednesday 25 May 20.00 – 21.00 Check in at Brize Norton


Thursday 26 May


16.00 Approx. Arrive Mount Pleasant Airport on RRxxxx flight. Meet and Greet in the VIP Lounge – His Excellency the Governor, Nigel Phillips CBE, MLA Peter Biggs, Clerk of Legislative Assembly. Transported to Government House, settle in, afternoon tea


18.00 Meeting with HE The Governor and Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle


19.30 Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle – Dinner with Speaker of the House, Keith Biles, MLA Teslyn Barkman and MLA Peter Biggs & Mrs Fran Biggs, Cherie Clifford, Clerk of the Legislative Assembly, Helen Wood and David Clark Venue: Malvina House Hotel Dress Code: Casual Cherie will collect from Government House.


19.30 Dinner at Government House His Excellency The Governor, Mrs Phillips, Rt Hon Amanda Milling and Madeline Roper, Dress Code: Casual


Friday 27 May


07.30 Breakfast 08.30 Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle, His Excellency The Governor, Helen Wood and David Clark Pick up from Government House, transported to Court & Assembly Chambers Crown Car:

His Excellency The Governor and The Rt Sir Lindsay Hoyle Imogen Didlick: Staff


09.00 Rt Hon Amanda Milling Government House and South Georgia Government Briefings (separate programme) Deputy Governor, Dave Morgan


09.00 Budget Sitting of the Legislative Assembly


The Speaker will enter the Chamber – announced by the CLERK and takes a seat on the dais (ALL STAND) “PRAYERS” (Honourable Members remain standing whilst Prayers are said) Opens the Session The Clerk announces His Excellency The Governor into The Chamber Invites His Excellency The Governor to address to the Legislative Assembly Motion of Thanks His Excellency The Governor to remain for the Motion of Thanks The Speaker to invite the Rt. Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons to address the House Recommended 15 minutes for address but flexible. Motion of Thanks Assembly recesses for 10 minutes Remainder of the Order Paper continues


10.30 Town Tour to include Gypsy Cove area Imogen Didlick


10.30 Meeting with His Excellency The Governor, Nigel Phillips and Rt Hon Amanda Milling Government House


13.30 Round table Lunch with Chief Executive, Directors, HE The Governor, Rt. Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Rt Hon Amanda Milling, Helen Wood, David Clark and Madeline Roper Andy Keeling – Chief Executive Timothy Waggott – Financial Secretary Simon Young – Attorney General Malvina House Hotel Harbour Lights (Private Dining) Andrea Clausen – Director Natural Resources Amanda Curry Brown – Director Policy & Economic Development Alan Horberry – Director of Emergency Carol Hever – Director Human Resource Michael Ramshaw – Acting Director Development Commercial Services Colin Summers – Director Public Works Marie Horton – Director of Education Thomas Bale – Director Health and Social Services


14.45 Wreath Laying at the Liberation Monument Members of Legislative Assembly, His Excellency The Governor, The Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle, The Rt Hon Amanda Milling Liberation Monument




15.00 Meet and Greet, Political Briefing with Members of the Legislative Assembly – Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle and Staff Hon Teslyn Barkman Hon John Birmingham Hon Peter Biggs Hon Ian Hansen Hon Leona Roberts Hon Mark Pollard Hon Gavin Short Hon Roger Spink Gilbert House


15.00 Island Plan and Economic Briefing Rt Hon Amanda Milling, Madeline Roper and HE The Governor Chief Executive, Financial Secretary, Director Policy & Economic and Director Mineral Resources Liberation Room


19.00 The Rt Sir Lindsay Hoyle and Rt Hon Amanda Milling – dinner with HE The Governor & Mrs Phillips, Deputy Governor & Mrs Morgan, Chief Executive South Georgia Government, Laura Sinclair-Willis & Duncan Thurlow, Chief Executive FIG, Andy Keeling, David Clark, Helen Wood and Madeline Roper, MLA Leona Roberts, MLA Gavin Short and MLA Ian Hansen. Government House Smart Casual