Variation of Electricity Price


The Public Works Department would like to inform the public that, in accordance with Regulation 10A of the Electricity Supply Regulations 1969, which allows for the variation of prices charged for electricity supplied to consumers, the following price adjustment will be made.


The costs of electricity production are significantly impacted by fuel prices and the global rise in fuel price has resulted in the need to increase the price of electricity. From Friday 1 July 2022 the price of electricity will increase from 25p to 29p per unit for all consumers. Pre-paid cards will be sold at above face value:


£5 card will increase to              £  7.63

£10 card will increase to              £ 15.26

£20 card will increase to              £ 30.53

£50 card will increase to              £ 76.32


Self-read forms will be sent to all customers with quarterly read meters and must be returned to the Public Works Department on or before Friday 8 July 2022. For further information please contact or 27193.