A ‘Platinum Jubilee’ beacon lighting ceremony to recognise Her Majesty the Queen’s long and selfless service of 70 years on the Throne, took place on Thursday, 2 June 2022, at 8.45pm at the seafront, Jamestown.


The event was well attended with over two hundred people gathering at the seafront. The area was decorated with colourful lighting and bunting and the stage area in front of the Customs building was decorated in red, white, and blue with a backdrop featuring the Queen.


The Ceremony was opened with prayers of thanksgiving for the Queen and a blessing of the beacon by the Right Reverend Lord Bishop of St Helena, Dale Bowers MBE.


Speeches were delivered by Chief Minister, Julie Thomas, and HE Governor Dr Philip Rushbrook. In his speech (annexed), the Governor said that the lighting of the beacon signified the opening of a weekend of celebrations in honour of the Queen’s seventy years of service which is a unique achievement in the history of British people. There is a long tradition of celebrating Royal Jubilees with the lighting of beacons which signifies unity within communities. The Governor went on to say that those present were the visible proof of St Helena’s motto ‘Loyal & Unshakeable’ and that the community of St Helena have a long history and deep allegiance to the United Kingdom.


In their speeches, Tyler Anthony from the 1st Jamestown Scout Group and Taylor Bennett from the Jamestown Girl Guides reflected on how service and relationship building is so important within their respective organisations. It was also interesting to note that the Queen herself became a member of the Girl Guiding organisation in 1937.


Following the speeches and presentations, the 1st Jamestown Scout Group played the bugle call entitled ‘Majesty’ which was specifically written to be played at Beacon Lighting ceremonies across the world.


The beacon was lit at 9.15pm by Chief Minister, Julie Thomas, whilst the Creative St Helena Choir sang the winning song of the Commonwealth competition, dedicated to Her Majesty, entitled ‘A Life Lived with Grace’. Over 1,500 beacons were being lit at the same time in the UK, Crown Dependencies, Overseas Territories, and across the Commonwealth.


The Ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks and a blessing by Bishop Dale.


9 June 2022