Public Consultation on Entry Control Policy Ends


19 July 2022


Ascension Island Government Response to consultation feedback published


Between Friday 24 June and Monday 18 July a public consultation was held on a draft Policy on Entry Control to Ascension.


A robust system of entry control is a core function of government and is necessary for the good governance of the territory. Given Ascension’s unique circumstances, the draft policy seeks to balance the UK government’s policy that there is no right of abode in Ascension with the principles of an open, fair and proportionate approach to entry control.


During the consultation process specific questions were not posed for answer. Instead, the draft policy was made available and feedback was sought. The draft policy was also discussed at a meeting of the Island Council on Thursday 30 June 2022.


A number of responses were submitted and following completion of the consultation period on Monday 18 July, officials considered the responses provided and made a number of edits and adaptions to the draft policy.


Today, a Government Response to Consultation document has been published. The response document details anonymised submissions, grouping together responses where these related to similar, or the same, themes.


The Government Response is available online through the AIG website or through the Administrator’s Office in Georgetown.


The post consultation revised draft of the policy is also available online through the AIG website or through the Administrator’s Office in Georgetown.