Successful St Helena Chevening Alumni Project Bid 2022–2023


The Chevening Alumni of St Helena has, for the second year running, been successful in their bid to the Chevening Alumni Programme Fund (CAPF).


Following their last successful CAPF project last year, entitled ‘Governing Our Future’, where alumni worked with the youth of St. Helena in creating awareness around the new Ministerial system of Government, this new CAPF 2022-2023 project entitled ‘Preparing for our Digital Destiny’ will focus on promoting the digital opportunities that the Equiano cable will bring once it becomes operational.


Through a promotional and educational media campaign the alumni will seek to create awareness of available online resources and tools that can be fully utilised through superfast broadband. Such tools will enable businesses and organisation to upskill their employees to work smarter, create efficiencies, improve productivity, and present opportunities for investment through the use of mechanisms such as e-marketing, e-commerce, e-learning and remote working.


The long term aim of the project is to encourage businesses and organisations to become equipped with the skills and knowledge to take full advantage of the new digital age, and encourage innovation, growth and development, which will in turn bolster the island’s economic position. In the coming weeks the alumni will contact various businesses and organisations to identify those who are willing to participate in the project and feature in a variety of promotional media content which will include posters, leaflets, radio adverts and promo videos.


There will also be interactive events such as workshops and information sessions that will be open to the public. CAPF allows alumni groups around the world to submit bids to carry out impactful projects that will make a positive difference within their country.


Projects focus on various thematic areas that the UK Government seeks to promote such as education, human rights, governance, climate change, and science and technology. The Chevening Alumni who will be taking part in this project are Gareth Drabble, Dax Richards, Pamela Constantine, Tracey Williams, Tara Wortley, and Zedella Young.


The project is being led by Gareth Drabble, the most recent alumnus, who studied an MA in Digital Technologies, Communications and Education at the University of Manchester.


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