FIG approves policy to exempt e-bikes from the Road Traffic Ordinance


ExCo has approved a policy recommendation to exempt Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles (EAPCs) from the definition of ‘motor vehicle’ under the Road Traffic Ordinance 1948. This follows from a consultation held from 30 May to 19 June where the public were asked for their views on a proposed definition for EAPCs. 74 people from across the community responded to the consultation.


The approved policy will allow for EAPCs to be exempt from the definition of ‘motor vehicle’ meaning that when an EAPC is used on a road a driver’s licence, road tax and insurance will not be required.


An EAPC will be defined as a pedal cycle with 2 or more wheels, having an electric motor which has an output of 750 watts or less and which stops assisting the rider when travelling at more than 20 miles per hour. The definition will not include throttles or other mechanisms that allow for acceleration without the rider pedalling.


As a result of the policy being approved a draft Bill will be prepared with the aim of the draft Bill going to ExCo in September 2022 and before the Legislative Assembly in October 2022.


Chair of the Legislative Assembly, MLA Roger Spink said: “This is a priority piece of work for this assembly to modify laws that make little sense in a modern Falklands and I am pleased to see that the policy has been approved. We are on the way to making it easier for people to use a mode of transportation, which is good for your health and good for the environment.”