Falkland Islands Government and British Embassies in Argentina organise student competition


August 17, 2022Taiwo Gbolagade


To enter, participants must submit a one-minute video in which they respond to the prompt, “Why would I wish to meet my neighbours from the Falkland Islands?” in English.


In order to experience local living firsthand, winners will stay with a local family.


The ideal winner will be involved in social media and eager to share his or her knowledge about the Falkland Islands there.


The goal of the competition is to increase awareness of the Falkland Island and its inhabitants and to encourage cultural interchange between the Falklands and the surrounding area.


Editor’s Note:  This item was a press release from FIG.  I’d rather read the original press release than sift through pictures of ladies bums peeking out through suspenders.  Just a thought.