‘No questions asked’ RFIP firearms and ammunition amnesty


Do you have any unlicensed firearms or ammunition?

Do you licence a firearm but no longer wish to own it?

Did you find some small arms ammunition and kept it?


Now is your chance to surrender any firearms or small arms ammunition to the Royal Falkland Islands Police. The amnesty allows people to surrender unlicensed firearms and small arms ammunition to the police with the assurance that they will not be reported for prosecution for illegal possession at that time.

The amnesty will run from 26 August to 3 September in order to return items safely members of the public are invited to bring their items to the following locations:

Friday 26 and Saturday 27 August between 10am to 4pm at the FIDF Hall

Friday 2 September between 10am to 4pm at the Village Agents Office, Fox Bay East

Saturday 3 September between 10am to 4pm in the Port Howard Social Club

Items can be returned at any time during this amnesty. Please contact the Police Station on 28100, if you are unable to visit any of the listed locations. You will be asked some questions on the conditions of the firearm or ammunition and the appropriately trained officer will work with you on how to collect the item. Any out of date distress flares can also be returned during this amnesty.

The public are asked not to bring any firearms or ammunition to the Police Station.

Just like any other amnesty, if you surrender an item you will not asked any awkward questions. If the firearm meets the de-activation standards a certificate of de-activation will be issued for that weapon by the Chief of Police, this will allow the firearm to be lawfully kept without the need for a licence. This option is available to both licence holders and non-licence holders. There will be no charge for this process.

For more information on the amnesty please contact Senior Constable Jason Black on JBlack@police.gov.fk


For information on firearms licences please contact Constable Shane Browning on sbrowning@police.gov.fk