The local community is invited to participate in the reburial of the Liberated Africans

Saturday, 20th August, 9am, meet at St Michael’s Church


The Liberated Africans will be transferred in a funeral procession from the No.1 Building in Rupert’s Valley to their designated burial ground.


At 1pm the community will be invited to lay mementos in the burial site prior to it being covered.


A designated area will also be available for members of the community to observe and hold personal reflection.


The Liberated African Advisory Committee (LAAC) and volunteers will cover and place a border around the burial site.


The LAAC is looking for volunteers to help transfer the caskets from the No.1 Building to the burial site, and to help cover the grave and place the border.


Assistance for this day is appreciated. See contact details below. Sunday, 21st August, 3pm, Liberated African Cemetery, Rupert’s Valley


A ceremony will be held to honour the Liberated Africans that were laid to rest.


The ceremony will consist of remarks, poems, musical recitals, audience participation songs and a blessing.


The community will be invited to lay flowers on the grave and tie ribbons on the sacred fig tree branch.


A contribution board will also be available at St Michael’s Church, if the community would like to write words of memory, reflection and healing. The international community may provide their thoughts via the Facebook page or on the email addresses provided below. It is planned for the ceremony to be shown on Facebook live via


Further Information, and to find out how to assist Please contact: Shelley Magellan-Wade, LAAC Secretary: 25531, or Helena Bennett, LAAC Chairperson: 22197,


Tuesday, 23rd August, 10am, the Canister, Jamestown An observance will be held on the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition.


The observance will include reflection on St Helena’s cultural heritage, as a result of its role in slavery and its abolition.