Weekly COVID-19 Statistics – 21 September


26 September 2022




Monitoring of community spread continues


On Monday 08 August, Ascension recorded its first case of COVID-19 within the community. Since then, further cases of COVID-19 have been recorded and authorities are monitoring the spread of virus.


In order to ensure the public has a clear picture of infection rates within the territory, weekly infection statistics are being published during the period of transitioning to ‘living with COVID-19’.


As of Wednesday 21 September, the total number of positive results from tests conducted by, or registered with, a healthcare worker at one of the three testing sites is as follows:


08/08/22 – 21/09/22
USAF Base Clinic 27
RAF Base Clinic 10
Georgetown Hospital 133
Total        170


hese figures are based on results of tests conducted at each of these sites. However, the test site may not necessarily reflect the primary accommodation location of the person that tested positive.


Between Thursday 15 September and Wednesday 21 September the following number of daily positive results from tests conducted by, or registered with, a healthcare worker was recorded:


15/09 16/09 17/09 18/09 19/09 20/09 21/09 Total
9 18 20 11 13 26 9 106

As of Wednesday 21 September, there have been no admissions to Georgetown Hospital due to COVID-19 illness.


All members of the public are encouraged to monitor their own health for signs of possible infection. If you believe you have symptoms consistent with possible COVID-19 infection you should arrange to take a test at your relevant medical facility and follow the guidance in place. Guidance can be found online at www.ascension.gov.ac/public-document/living-with-covid-19 and is available through your employer, local medical clinic and Georgetown Hospital.

If you test positive, you should isolate for five days. After this time, you should end your isolation once you feel well. A test is not required to end isolation.


Authorities are monitoring the ongoing spread of the virus and the current guidance will remain in effect until they are satisfied that the daily positive incidence rate indicates that the peak of the spread has been passed.


26 September 2022


The Health Services Directorate would like to advise the public of the following:


Due to a decline in the number of positive cases and calls  to the COVID-19 Helpline, with effect from today, Monday 26 September 2022, the COVID-19 Helpline (tel: 25888) will be in operation between 8am and 4pm on a daily basis, including the weekends. 


Persons who test positive are reminded that they are advised to isolate for five days, then return to work or continue their normal daily routines on day six. For example: if a person tests positive on a Monday, their isolation period is completed on a Saturday and can therefore re-enter the community on Saturday. You DO NOT need to re-test after the isolation period is completed.


Persons who have had a COVID-19 test done independently are reminded that if a positive test result is received, to please report this to the Health Services via the COVID-19 Helpline so the Health Services can track and analyse the rate of infection and update your medical record. Please inform the Helpline Operator of the date you tested positive.


If you tested positive last week or the week before and have not phoned in your result, we would still like to have your result to update your medical records.


26 September 2022