Official arrangements for mourning


Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and for the Proclamation of the new Sovereign, His Majesty King Charles III All times are local (St Helena). The Proclamation The accession of the new Sovereign, His Majesty King Charles III, will be proclaimed at a meeting of the Privy Council at St James’s Palace in London on 10 September.


At 1030 hours on Sunday 11 September, in a ceremony on the steps of the Courthouse in Jamestown, His Excellency Governor Phillips will proclaim the new Sovereign of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. The public are invited to attend the Governor’s proclamation on Sunday 11 September in Jamestown.*


Public notice of the Governor’s proclamation will subsequently be provided on Ascension and Tristan da Cunha by the Administrators. After the Proclamation The Governor and Chief Minister will depart for the UK on Sunday 11 September to represent the territory in several official mourning arrangements. Her Late Majesty’s coffin will lie in state in Westminster Hall in the Palace of Westminster. The State Funeral will be held in Westminster Abbey and will be attended by Royal, Realm, Overseas Territory, Commonwealth, and foreign representatives.


The day of the State Funeral will be a public holiday on St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. The date of the funeral will be confirmed shortly. Flag protocol and guidance All flags in the territory should now be flying at half-mast. On Saturday at 0930 hours, the morning of the Principal Proclamation of the Sovereign by the Privy Council in London, flags will be raised to full-mast.


They will remain at full-mast until 1200 hours on Sunday, the day after the Principal Proclamation. Flags will then return to half-mast until 0700 hours the day after the State Funeral. Ukrainian flags should be removed from flagpoles until the end of the mourning period. Under no circumstances should they be flown at half-mast.




A condolence book is available, during working hours, for members of the public outside the Council Chamber in the Castle in Jamestown. An online condolence book is available at God save The King.


*The public are kindly asked to ensure that all vehicles are removed from the front of the Courthouse in Jamestown by 0800 hours on Sunday 11 September.