Tristan’s New Administrator Swears Allegiance to King Charles III


Photos from Sue Ivory



Above: Jason Ivory (left) with outgoing Administrators Fiona Kilpatrick and Steve Townsend.


Jason Ivory was sworn in as the new Administrator in the Residency on Monday 12th September 2022 during a sombre evening ceremony that took place in the presence of the Chief Islander, the Island Council and their spouses or partners.


The ceremony was granted special permission by the Governor, Nigel Phillips, to go ahead during the period of mourning for Her Late Majesty Queen Elisabeth II. This was necessary because of the imminent departure of the outgoing Co-Administrators Fiona Kilpatrick and Steve Townsend. Their next posting will be to the Pitcairn Islands in the Pacific Ocean, almost but not quite as remote as Tristan.


We think it very likely that Jason is the first British diplomat in the world to swear allegiance to King Charles III.