40th Anniversary Veteran’s Pilgrimage – appeal for accommodation


The 40th Anniversary Committee is keen to hear from anyone in our community who may be able to host visitors on a four-day pilgrimage from Wednesday 9 to Monday 14 November. It has been confirmed that there will now be 135 visitors on the pilgrimage made up of veterans, Next of Kin, and chosen companions.


The 40th Anniversary Committee needs your help to provide the remaining 60 beds or your help with hosting a guest who may be staying in self-catering accommodation. You do not have to have been in the Falkland Islands during 1982 to host, we encourage everyone to help in any way they can to welcome these guests into our community.


The visiting guests will have a programme of events they will be invited to attend during their stay.

To register your interest in hosting please contact the Accommodation Project Coordinator, Fiona Didlick at FalklandIslands40@outlook.com


Thank you to everyone who has registered their interest in helping with this pilgrimage. Logistical details for this visit will be provided in due course, and Fiona will be able to answer any questions you may have about hosting someone.