Start of the 2022/2023 Fishing Season

Report by Clinton de Bod

We have had an extraordinarily good start to the 2022/2023 Fishing Season. We had one fishing day around Tristan island at the end of July, and another five days in August. We have currently landed just over 41 tonne in these six days, averaging just over 6.8 tonne per day. This is a third of the quota for the season.

We have produced roughly 55% of the catch as Tails and 45% as Whole product, split between Sashimi, Raw and Cooked.

The Total Allowable Catches (TACs) set out for this season are as follows:

  Tristan 120.455 tonne  
  Inaccessible 106.000 tonne  
  Nightingale 94.379 tonne  
  Gough 110.000 tonne  

Totaling at 430.834 tonnes over the four islands.

Right: As a special treat, youngsters help in a fishing boat.

Photo: Kelly Green