On Thursday 24 November 2022, Act of Bravery Awards were presented to Cristen Yon and Kyle Joshua in a reception at Plantation House. As Kyle Joshua is currently off-Island, his father Keith (KJ) Joshua received the award on his behalf.


The pair were recognised for the outstanding bravery of their behaviour on the evening of Sunday 14 February 2021. Police officers were carrying out patrols in the sea front area and just after 02:15 they noticed a commotion by the sea wall.


The officers quickly made their way to the sea wall and saw that a person had fallen over and was face down on the rocks.


Cristen Yon and Kyle Joshua were both already climbing over the wall and down onto the rocks. They managed to get the injured individual up from the rocks and brought them to safety to await an ambulance.


The individual had a broken nose and broken ribs, was very confused, covered in blood and soaking wet from the sea water. Although the injured person was conscious and breathing, there was no doubt that if it weren’t for the brave actions of these two young men the result could have been very different.


Both Cristen and Kyle took it upon themselves to act, with no regard to their own safety. This was a life or death situation and Cristen and Kyle’s quick thinking and actions saved an individual’s life.

On the award, Governor Nigel Phillips said:


“I was honoured to be able to present these awards. Both Cristen and Kyle should be extremely proud of their actions. Their selfless act put themselves in harm’s way to provide assistance that was instrumental in ensuring that nobody lost their life that night. They are a true credit to this community.”


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30 November 2022