International Day of Education is commemorated annually on 24 January and is a day used to celebrate the role of education in the growth of peace and economic development. This year’s theme is ‘To invest in people, prioritise education’.


On St Helena, due to the current economic climate we face our own challenges in being able to achieve some of our planned investment in education. However, through the investment that has already been made in education we are able to:


  • provide free education for all children from the age of three through to sixteen
  • support Sixth Form studies with academic, vocational and work based skills and experiences
  • Offer additional support to children with Special Educational Needs and Disability and Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs.


  • support adult learning, training and development for both personal and professional growth
  • give career guidance and support
  • offer a library service
  • support research
  • promote higher education


To highlight the investment that has been made in education on St Helena, and in recognition of the International Day of Education, the Education, Skills and Employment Portfolio is hosting an Open Day tomorrow, Tuesday 24 January 2023. This will take place across all educational premises between 09:00 to 15:00. This includes:


  • Administration and St. Helena Community College – Education Learning Centre Jamestown
  • Teacher Training and Research Institute – Canarvon Court
  • Career Access – New Porteous House
  • Public Library – Jamestown
  • Primary Schools – Harford, Pilling and St Paul’s
  • Prince Andrew School – Francis Plain
  • Inclusion Services – Olive Cottage, Francis Plain


All interested persons are invited to come and see education in operation, providing an opportunity to speak with staff and clients about the educational offering on St Helena.

The Education, Skills and Employment Portfolio take this opportunity to wish all a very stimulating, rewarding and insightful Education Day and leave with you with wise words shared by Year 3 pupils of St Paul’s Primary School.


Alexa said:


“Education is super important not just to children but adults as well.  We as children come to school to learn.  Reading is the key, this will help you in all areas of life. I want a good job when I get older, so I always try my best.”


Tiago said:


“I want to take advantage of my education and learn as much as I can now. Being healthy and helping people is just as important.  Learning make me happy! I am a book worm, reading takes me to a different places and it really helped my imagination.”


In December 2018, January 24 was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Day of Education, to celebrate education and reflect on the importance of learning for development and peace. Allowing access to education can lift many out of poverty and pave the path for a promising future; a prospect that most of us likely take for granted.


International Day of Education is a call for action, bringing individuals, civil society and policymakers to take solid steps towards ensuring that primary and secondary education is given to children, as well as improving youth engagement in education.


The fifth International Day of Education will be celebrated on 24 January 2023 under the theme “to invest in people, prioritize education”. Building on the global momentum generated by the UN Transforming Education Summit in September 2022, this year’s Day will call for maintaining strong political mobilization around education and chart the way to translate commitments and global initiatives into action. Education must be prioritized to accelerate progress towards all the Sustainable Development Goals against the backdrop of a global recession, growing inequalities and the climate crisis.


#AltogetherBetterForChildrenAndYoungPeople #EducationDay


23 January 2023