Sheep Shearing Day January 2023


Report from Kelly Green with additional photos from Bob Urquhart, Sally Wonner & Emil Pirzenthal



Sheep Shearing day was held on Saturday 21st of January 2023, having belayed from before Christmas. The day started off a bit cold and windy, but by mid morning the sun started to appear, and by the afternoon it was glorious!The men were busy shearing the the older sheep and the children were busy catching the lambs so they could be put it the correct person’s pen, ready to be marked with spray paint and counted. The children absolutely love this day and are very excited. A lot of the women are tasked with picking out the wool so it can be washed, carded, spun and then knitted into lovely garments hopefully to sell at the 37° South Gift Shop.


Editor’s note: There are Tristan Woollen Goods available from FINN and made by Felicity Glass.  Further details can be obtained from





Catching sheep for shearing


Bagging up fleeces. The best wool will be spun into yarn for Tristan’s world famous knitwear.

After all the hard work was done people headed back to settlement and attended individual braais (barbeques) with a few refreshments!



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