23 March 2023

The Falkland Islands retains their global A+ rating


The Falkland Islands Government is pleased to confirm that, following a detailed review of updated fiscal and economic information, supported by a process of confidential interviews with FIG officers and other stakeholders, including representatives of the business community, S&P Global Ratings have confirmed the sovereign rating for the Falkland Islands remains at A+ with a stable outlook.


The A+ investment grade credit rating means that the government has continued to demonstrate sufficient and strong capacity to meet its financial commitments, including maintaining a good future outlook, where our robust economic position is supported by prudent financial decision-making.


Financial Secretary, Tracey Prior, said: “This rating provides external assurance of our strong public finances, the continuing robustness of our economy and ongoing prudence in fiscal policy. This is an excellent position to continue to support our future budgetary decisions and I would like to thank everyone involved for all of their efforts throughout this process.”


Portfolio Lead for Government Services, MLA Roger Spink, added: “I am delighted that S&P have recognised how our many years of political and economic stability, rule of law, and democracy have contributed to building our prosperous economy. Retaining this status sends a strong signal to potential investors and continues to provide the Falklands community with the reassurance that we are careful stewards of our economy and government finances. My congratulations must go to the Honourable Financial Secretary and her team on all the hard work they have put in to maintain this healthy position.”