Report on Executive Council

25 April 2023


The April Executive Council Meeting saw MLA Spink step in to cover for MLA Roberts who was working overseas at the time. Please assume all reports were approved unless otherwise stated.


The Clerk of Councils Report was up first which is a public paper containing details of committee meetings that have taken place, whether the minutes have been lodged with the office and delegated decisions.


An FIDC loan application was approved. These come to ExCo for approval when over £150,000 (secured) and over £50,000 (unsecured). This is not a public paper as these papers always include information about others financial and business affairs.


Next was a paper on the extension of a contract for the supply of management services at FIPASS. This is not a public paper, but part of the recommendations was to ensure the communication of the arrangement along with the reasons why. The timeline for going to tender in the future will also be included.


A paper then came proposing remedial works to the Public Jetty, finger pontoon and associated area and infrastructure. This came after the Port Project Group had tasked officers to look at enhancing the existing facility to improve safety and efficiency in terms of processing passengers. This is a public paper.


The next report was a public one seeking approve the new Terms of Reference for the Education Board. These are not a mere tweak of the previous ones, but instead have been drafted in line with the new ordinance. The proposed Terms had been discussed and approved by the Education Board.


The Health, Safety and Wellbeing Annual Report 2022 then came to us. This also is a public paper and assesses where we currently are with health and safety. It was for information only but highlighted a clear issue with resource in this area.


An application then came forward for an access road to Rincon Grande farm. This was a 1.2km stretch of road and had previously been approved by the Transport Advisory Committee. This is also a public paper with some redactions due to contracts and negotiations.


The legislation programme third quarterly report was then discussed. This also is a public report and provided information on the progress of the legislation programme. No further changes to the programme were recommended.


We then had a public paper on the International Convention Against Doping in Sport. This was to reaffirm FIG commitment to work with the National Sports Council on the UNESCO convention. The paper highlighted actions required by Government and summarised how the Government should demonstrate its commitment to the requirements of the convention.


The Maritime (Amendment) Bill 2023 then came forward. A decision was taken to defer the Bill until July to allow for briefing of members and for key industry stakeholders to be consulted.


The Financial Assistance Bill 2023 then was presented. This was to establish the legislative scheme for the provision of financial assistance. It puts the existing schemes for income support, attendance allowance, winter fuel allowance and discretionary assistance on a statutory footing. This is a public report with some redactions.


Next was the Revised Family Allowances Ordinance. It was decided in October 2022 to widen the eligibility for family allowances to families who have been ordinarily resident for three years. Previously it was only available to those with PRP or status. This is a public paper.


The Corporate Record Retention and Destruction Policy was next on the agenda and is a public paper. The proposal was to replace the 2016 policy with the one provided. The revised policy outlines in detail the procedures to be followed for retention and destruction of corporate records.


The penultimate paper was the GAP Project Final Report, which is public with some deletions. The work was done to enhance our understanding of how the development of offshore hydrocarbons may affect the marine environment. To identify ways to fill the gaps in our understanding. The report was finished in 2019 and did not come forward at the time. The purpose of bringing it now was to bring it to a close. One of the recommendations approved was for a robust independent third-party review to take place prior to adoption of policies recommended.


The last paper was not for public consumption and granted status to 30 individuals. These were the last tranche of applications before the Falkland Islands Status (Amendment) Bill 2022 comes into force on the 1st May.



MLA Mark Pollard

Contact:  Gilbert House, Stanley, Falkland Islands

Tel: 27451