27 June 2023

Amendments to the Travel Credit Scheme and extension to include domestic tourism accommodation


The Falkland Islands Government Treasury are pleased to advise that from the 1 July 2023 the following amendments and extensions to the Travel Credit Scheme will come into effect.

Extension to include domestic tourism accommodation.


Individuals will be able to draw down credits for domestic tourism accommodation. Claims must relate to a stay in domestic tourism accommodation undertaken after 1 July 2023.

There are two options for claiming Travel Credits;


Option 1- Voucher- The claimant would obtain a quote for travel or accommodation from a designated provider and then request a voucher for the appropriate amount from the scheme.


Option 2- Refund- The claimant would make payment for travel or accommodation and then request a refund for the appropriate amount from the scheme.


To qualify for inclusion as a designated accommodation provider companies must submit an application to the Scheme Administrator.


Amendment of Travel Credit Scheme Ordinance 2019


The Travel Credit Scheme Ordinance 2019 has also been amended to enable claims for those whose return flights are not booked on the same ticket as their prior Northbound flight. Proof of outbound journey would be required but no longer needs to be on the same flight itinerary or confirmation.


For more information on the Travel Credit Scheme and how to apply visit: https://www.falklands.gov.fk/finance/financial-assistance/travel-credit-scheme

Or contact the Scheme Administrator on email travelcreditscheme@sec.gov.fk or phone: 28400                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ****