07 August 2023


Have your say and help us deliver a service that works for you


The Emotional Wellbeing Service would like to hear from the community on the service that is currently being provided and how they can develop and shape the future of mental health and emotional wellbeing support in the Falkland Islands. The team would welcome feedback from people who are currently using the Emotional Wellbeing Service or have done so in the past, carers and relatives of people who are (or have) used the service, and the team is keen to hear from anyone in the community who has wanted to use the service but has avoided doing so for any reason.


To have your say, we encourage you to complete a short survey to help us deliver a service that works for you. The survey can be completed online via: www.surveymonkey.com/r/EWS-Evaluation-Survey


Paper versions of the survey can be found in the KEMH reception area and the Post Office. Completed surveys can be returned by post, using a drop box in the KEMH reception area by Sunday 3 September 2023.


If you require more details, please contact The Emotional Wellbeing Service on 28082 or emotionalwellbeingservice@kemh.gov.fk