Report on Executive Council


1st November 2023


A meeting of Executive Council was held on 1st November 2023 to deal with two papers only. MLAs Ford, Spink and Roberts attended.


Members accepted the paper on Budget Planning for 2023/24 onwards and noted the timetable for the forthcoming budget round.


During the open section of the last Standing Finance Committee all MLAs discussed and agreed a revised set of six Budget Principles to be recommended to ExCo. These seek to drive greater transparency, accountability and participation, while establishing a framework for decision-making which will set a budget that is sustainable and directs financial resources in the most appropriate way.


The paper set out the economic environment, the risks and dependencies, highlights external factors which expected to continue creating pressures on finances, and acknowledges the need for effective financial management and control of both operating and capital costs.


The second paper sets out the 2024 proposed schedule of meetings for Executive Council, Standing Finance Committee and the Legislative Assembly. This was approved.

MLA Leona Roberts


Contact: Gilbert House, Stanley, Falkland Islands

Tel: 27451