St Helena Government (SHG) and Airlink are pleased to announce that flights to St Helena from Cape Town will be returning in 2024.


The re-introduction of Cape Town flights will begin in December 2024 and run until March 2025. These will take place alongside the weekly Johannesburg flights. The weekly Saturday flight will operate from Cape Town and the weekly Tuesday flight will operate from Johannesburg.


Additional weekly flights from Cape Town provide a number of benefits, such as enhancing the potential for dual-centre holidays by foreign visitors to South Africa and St Helena and offering different options for lengths of stay for travellers to the Island.


Following discussions between Airlink, SHG and Ascension Island Government (AIG), we are also pleased to announce the flight schedule for the next 18 months. This schedule details Airlink flights between St Helena and South Africa, and the monthly inter-island service between St Helena and Ascension, until April 2025.


Tickets for travel between South Africa and St Helena are available online, via the Airlink website at and through all IATA travel agents.


For those passengers resident on St Helena, ticket bookings can be made via Solomon and Company (St Helena) Shipping and Travel Agency at the Malabar in Jamestown. Passengers can visit the Shipping and Travel Agency in person or contact them via email through or by telephone on 22523.


Tickets for travel on the inter-island service between St Helena and Ascension are available through the AIG Travel Office. Passengers can contact the Travel Office via email by telephone on +247 67000 ext 1111.


The full schedule of flights for the period November 2023 to April 2025 can be seen below, or found on 362 days prior to departure.


On the announcement, Minister for Treasury and Economic Development Mark Brooks, said:


“Since last November work has been underway to add both additional flights and an additional destination during the summer months next year.  This enables the restoration of the Island’s traditional link to Cape Town, one which we had for so many years under the RMS St Helena.”


“Tourism is the largest contributor to the Island economy after UK aid, so having more options for travelers, as well as people on Island, is welcomed. I’d like to thank everyone involved in getting this over the line, and in particular Airlink for their continued partnership with the Island.”


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10 November 2023




Airlink Flight Schedule

South Africa – HLE – South Africa (including ASI) November 2023 – April 2025


Flight No. Date Leg Flight No. Date Leg
4Z131 11-Nov-23 JNB-HLE 4Z132 11-Nov-23 HLE-JNB
4Z131 18-Nov-23 JNB-HLE 4Z132 18-Nov-23 HLE-JNB
4Z131 25-Nov-23 JNB-HLE 4Z3135 25-Nov-23 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 26-Nov-23 ASI-HLE 4Z132 26-Nov-23 HLE-JNB
4Z131 28-Nov-23 JNB-HLE 4Z132 28-Nov-23 HLE-JNB
4Z131 2-Dec-23 JNB-HLE 4Z132 2-Dec-23 HLE-JNB
4Z131 5-Dec-23 JNB-HLE 4Z132 5-Dec-23 HLE-JNB
4Z131 9-Dec-23 JNB-HLE 4Z3135 9-Dec-23 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 10-Dec-23 ASI-HLE 4Z132 10-Dec-23 HLE-JNB
4Z131 12-Dec-23 JNB-HLE 4Z132 12-Dec-23 HLE-JNB
4Z131 16-Dec-23 JNB-HLE 4Z3135 16-Dec-23 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 17-Dec-23 ASI-HLE 4Z132 17-Dec-23 HLE-JNB
4Z131 19-Dec-23 JNB-HLE 4Z132 19-Dec-23 HLE-JNB
4Z131 23-Dec-23 JNB-HLE 4Z132 23-Dec-23 HLE-JNB
4Z131 30-Dec-23 JNB-HLE 4Z132 30-Dec-23 HLE-JNB
4Z131 2-Jan-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 2-Jan-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 6-Jan-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 6-Jan-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 9-Jan-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 9-Jan-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 13-Jan-24 JNB-HLE 4Z3135 13-Jan-24 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 14-Jan-24 ASI-HLE 4Z132 14-Jan-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 16-Jan-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 16-Jan-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 20-Jan-24 JNB-HLE 4Z3135 20-Jan-24 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 21-Jan-24 ASI-HLE 4Z132 21-Jan-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 23-Jan-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 23-Jan-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 27-Jan-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 27-Jan-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 30-Jan-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 30-Jan-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 3-Feb-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 3-Feb-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 6-Feb-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 6-Feb-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 10-Feb-24 JNB-HLE 4Z3135 10-Feb-24 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 11-Feb-24 ASI-HLE 4Z132 11-Feb-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 13-Feb-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 13-Feb-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 17-Feb-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 17-Feb-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 20-Feb-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 20-Feb-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 24-Feb-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 24-Feb-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 27-Feb-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 27-Feb-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 2-Mar-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 2-Mar-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 9-Mar-24 JNB-HLE 4Z3135 9-Mar-24 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 10-Mar-24 ASI-HLE 4Z132 10-Mar-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 16-Mar-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 16-Mar-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 23-Mar-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 23-Mar-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 30-Mar-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 30-Mar-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 6-Apr-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 6-Apr-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 13-Apr-24 JNB-HLE 4Z3135 13-Apr-24 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 14-Apr-24 ASI-HLE 4Z132 14-Apr-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 20-Apr-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 20-Apr-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 27-Apr-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 27-Apr-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 4-May-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 4-May-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 11-May-24 JNB-HLE 4Z3135 11-May-24 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 12-May-24 ASI-HLE 4Z132 12-May-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 18-May-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 18-May-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 25-May-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 25-May-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 1-Jun-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 1-Jun-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 8-Jun-24 JNB-HLE 4Z3135 8-Jun-24 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 9-Jun-24 ASI-HLE 4Z132 9-Jun-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 15-Jun-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 15-Jun-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 22-Jun-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 22-Jun-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 29-Jun-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 29-Jun-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 6-Jul-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 6-Jul-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 13-Jul-24 JNB-HLE 4Z3135 13-Jul-24 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 14-Jul-24 ASI-HLE 4Z132 14-Jul-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 20-Jul-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 20-Jul-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 27-Jul-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 27-Jul-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 3-Aug-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 3-Aug-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 10-Aug-24 JNB-HLE 4Z3135 10-Aug-24 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 11-Aug-24 ASI-HLE 4Z132 11-Aug-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 17-Aug-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 17-Aug-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 24-Aug-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 24-Aug-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 31-Aug-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 31-Aug-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 7-Sep-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 7-Sep-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 14-Sep-24 JNB-HLE 4Z3135 14-Sep-24 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 15-Sep-24 ASI-HLE 4Z132 15-Sep-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 21-Sep-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 21-Sep-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 28-Sep-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 28-Sep-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 5-Oct-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 5-Oct-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 12-Oct-24 JNB-HLE 4Z3135 12-Oct-24 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 13-Oct-24 ASI-HLE 4Z132 13-Oct-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 19-Oct-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 19-Oct-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 26-Oct-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 26-Oct-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 2-Nov-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 2-Nov-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 9-Nov-24 JNB-HLE 4Z3135 9-Nov-24 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 10-Nov-24 ASI-HLE 4Z132 10-Nov-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 16-Nov-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 16-Nov-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 23-Nov-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 23-Nov-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 30-Nov-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 30-Nov-24 HLE-JNB
4Z131 3-Dec-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 3-Dec-24 HLE-JNB
4Z338 7-Dec-24 CPT-HLE 4Z3135 7-Dec-24 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 8-Dec-24 ASI-HLE 4Z339 8-Dec-24 HLE-CPT
4Z131 10-Dec-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 10-Dec-24 HLE-JNB
4Z338 14-Dec-24 CPT-HLE 4Z3135 14-Dec-24 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 15-Dec-24 ASI-HLE 4Z339 15-Dec-24 HLE-CPT
4Z131 17-Dec-24 JNB-HLE 4Z132 17-Dec-24 HLE-JNB
4Z338 21-Dec-24 CPT-HLE 4Z339 21-Dec-24 HLE-CPT
4Z338 28-Dec-24 CPT-HLE 4Z339 28-Dec-24 HLE-CPT
4Z338 4-Jan-25 CPT-HLE 4Z339 4-Jan-25 HLE-CPT
4Z131 7-Jan-25 JNB-HLE 4Z132 7-Jan-25 HLE-JNB
4Z338 11-Jan-25 CPT-HLE 4Z3135 11-Jan-25 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 12-Jan-25 ASI-HLE 4Z339 12-Jan-25 HLE-CPT
4Z131 14-Jan-25 JNB-HLE 4Z132 14-Jan-25 HLE-JNB
4Z338 18-Jan-25 CPT-HLE 4Z3135 18-Jan-25 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 19-Jan-25 ASI-HLE 4Z339 19-Jan-25 HLE-CPT
4Z131 21-Jan-25 JNB-HLE 4Z132 21-Jan-25 HLE-JNB
4Z338 25-Jan-25 CPT-HLE 4Z339 25-Jan-25 HLE-CPT
4Z131 28-Jan-25 JNB-HLE 4Z132 28-Jan-25 HLE-JNB
4Z338 1-Feb-25 CPT-HLE 4Z339 1-Feb-25 HLE-CPT
4Z131 4-Feb-25 JNB-HLE 4Z132 4-Feb-25 HLE-JNB
4Z338 8-Feb-25 CPT-HLE 4Z3135 8-Feb-25 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 9-Feb-25 ASI-HLE 4Z339 9-Feb-25 HLE-CPT
4Z131 11-Feb-25 JNB-HLE 4Z132 11-Feb-25 HLE-JNB
4Z338 15-Feb-25 CPT-HLE 4Z339 15-Feb-25 HLE-CPT
4Z131 18-Feb-25 JNB-HLE 4Z132 18-Feb-25 HLE-JNB
4Z338 22-Feb-25 CPT-HLE 4Z339 22-Feb-25 HLE-CPT
4Z131 25-Feb-25 JNB-HLE 4Z132 25-Feb-25 HLE-JNB
4Z338 1-Mar-25 CPT-HLE 4Z339 1-Mar-25 HLE-CPT
4Z131 4-Mar-25 JNB-HLE 4Z132 4-Mar-25 HLE-JNB
4Z338 8-Mar-25 CPT-HLE 4Z3135 8-Mar-25 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 9-Mar-25 ASI-HLE 4Z339 9-Mar-25 HLE-CPT
4Z131 11-Mar-25 JNB-HLE 4Z132 11-Mar-25 HLE-JNB
4Z338 15-Mar-25 CPT-HLE 4Z339 15-Mar-25 HLE-CPT
4Z131 18-Mar-25 JNB-HLE 4Z132 18-Mar-25 HLE-JNB
4Z338 22-Mar-25 CPT-HLE 4Z339 22-Mar-25 HLE-CPT
4Z131 25-Mar-25 JNB-HLE 4Z132 25-Mar-25 HLE-JNB
4Z338 29-Mar-25 CPT-HLE 4Z339 29-Mar-25 HLE-CPT
4Z131 5-Apr-25 JNB-HLE 4Z132 5-Apr-25 HLE-JNB
4Z131 12-Apr-25 JNB-HLE 4Z3135 12-Apr-25 HLE-ASI
4Z3136 13-Apr-25 ASI-HLE 4Z132 13-Apr-25 HLE-JNB
4Z131 19-Apr-25 JNB-HLE 4Z132 19-Apr-25 HLE-JNB
4Z131 26-Apr-25 JNB-HLE 4Z132 26-Apr-25 HLE-JNB
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