New way home for St Helenians in Falkland Islands


A new scheme is being introduced for travellers in the Falklands.



Strategic Command and Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office



24 October 2023


Currently those wishing to travel from the Falkland Islands to St Helena must travel via South Africa and the weekly flight from South Africa to St Helena.


However, following the completion of the runway works on Ascension Island and the rerouting of the South Atlantic Airbridge back to its familiar stopover, arrangements are being put in place to enable travellers to transit via Ascension Island.


Additional seats on the South Atlantic Airbridge will allow travel from the Falkland Islands’ Mount Pleasant Complex to Ascension Island.


This new route will allow travellers to meet the monthly connecting South African Airlink flight back to the island of St Helena.


This service will prove a welcome addition particularly for those in the St Helenian community who live and work in the Falkland Islands.


Initial flights will be piloted this month, ensuring busier flights in November, December and onwards are able to operate seamlessly.