Waste Management Services (WMS) has formed a Public-Private partnership with Mr Roddy Yon to deliver aluminium drink cans recycling (known in the waste management industry as ADC), which are compacted and baled within the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) at Horse Point Landfill Site.


The MRF development was generously funded through the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s (FCDO) Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) under the Overseas Territories Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Programme. The MRF became operational in August 2022 and has equipment to compact and bale cardboard, plastics and ADC.


Through negotiation with our interim cargo shipping provider, Meihuizen International (Pty) Ltd, reduced freight rates were agreed, making the export of ADC (and potentially other recyclable wastes) viable for all parties, with the first shipment planned for Voyage 7 of the Maria da Paz.


The overall goal of exporting ADC is to reduce the amount of recyclable waste being land-filled, in order to maximise the remaining useful life of Horse Point Landfill Site, which contributes towards SHG’s strategic priority ‘Altogether Greener’.


ADC can be disposed for recycling at any of the seven communal recycling hubs established around the Island, currently located at:


  • Half Tree Hollow – Near Leon Plato’s residence
  • Half Tree Hollow – Andy’s Shop
  • Half Tree Hollow – Solomon’s Supermarket
  • St Paul’s – New Ground Bus Shelter
  • St Paul’s – Cleughs Plain Bus Shelter
  • St Paul’s – Kingshurst Community Centre
  • Sandy Bay – Bagley’s Point


Over the coming months more communal recycling hubs will be established, which facilitate ADC, glass and plastic disposal for recycling and a brown wheelie bin for cardboard recycling will be added to all hubs.


Additionally, these waste items can disposed for recycling in the relevant bays at the Public Recycling Facility within Horse Point Landfill Site, which is open 24/7.


Marianne Wolmarans and Gary Manuel, Project Liaison Team from Meihuizen, commented:

“The initiative to establish the Materials Recycling Facility and launch the ADC recycling project is a commendable step toward a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future for St Helena. Meihuizen International is proud to be part of this crucial effort to reduce waste, increase recycling, and contribute to the ‘Altogether Greener’ vision. We look forward to continuing our collaboration in support of a green, healthy environment.”


For further information about ADC recycling please contact Mr Roddy Yon in the first instance by telephone on 61228. Alternatively you can contact Terri Clingham, Environmental Officer Risk Management, by telephone 24724 or via email terri.clingham@sainthelena.gov.sh for recycling or other waste management information.


Waste Management Services; working towards a cleaner and greener St Helena.