28 November 2023

Mines found on Hell’s Kitchen beach

It has been confirmed that a number of mines have been discovered on Hell’s Kitchen beach on the designated Government Reserve, located on the Murrell Peninsula.


The area was a suspect area on minefield maps. During the demining programme the location was surveyed and cleared for mines. Thorough work to the highest international standard was undertaken by the team; nevertheless there always was and still is a possibility that mines could subsequently be discovered. The Government is working alongside working with the EOD section of BFSAI and expert advice is also being provided by external parties.


While next steps are being prepared, a larger section of the area will be fenced in a similar manner as for previous minefield sites. The public are reminded that access to the Murrell Peninsula is via private land and therefore the landowner’s permission must be sought. Anyone intending on visiting the Murrell Peninsula should liaise with the landholders who will provide maps identifying the cordoned area at Hell’s Kitchen.


The public are asked to not enter the area for their own safety. Sailing is permitted no closer inshore than 0.5 miles from the shoreline, and mariners are advised to not land on the beach within the fenced cordon.


FIMA will issue a Local Notice to Mariners (LNTM) 06/2023 – ‘Mines found in Hell’s Kitchen’


It is advisable for the public to download the What3Words app to their smartphone. If you see any suspicious objects mark the location at a safe distance and please report your finding to the Royal Falkland Islands Police on 999.